azhventures 2014-2018

Yaasss… Finally, I was able to finish my video compilation for azhventures. I started editing this last September 2017, supposedly my Birthday Blog post on Jan 2, 2018. But because of a series of occasions and gala,  I wasn’t able to finish it on time. Until yun na nga ng bakasyon na and all. And when I came back last March, habol sa workloads and a lot of gala ulit….

The Sunday Currently Eight Days

I’ve had an Eight days roller coaster journey. And today marked the end of it. The feeling of agony is now crumbling inside my heart. I’m not prepared for this moment to end. But these memories had given me a lot of happiness and probably my most unforgettable experience here in Dubai.  I wanted to write a blog about…

My Deepest Confession

If God permits and time will follow.
Now and every day I wanted to let you know.
Tomorrow, today, a lifetime and even before.
I love you for all that you are and more.

I lost…

I lost between love and desire,
fallen in charmed and disguise.

The Sunday Currently Seven Fold

Sunday happiness. Yes, probably my best Sunday since I came back from vacation. Maybe because my mind and body are slowly adjusting to my Dubai life. And I really had a good night sleep and a wonderful weekend. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since my last TSC entry. That’s how busy I’ve been…

AZHtudy Videography

Last month I enrolled Basic Videography Class in Filipino Institute JLT, Dubai UAE.  Filipino Institute btw, is a  community of Filipino expats in Dubai who teaches different short courses to help our fellow “Kabayans” and also for everyone who wants to learn new knowledge or enhance their talents and capabilities. I’ve heard of FI by a…

Fighting Alone

Those days when you really feel alone was one of the feelings I hated. Hate even more when this freak’n bad day comes. It was really hard having bad days and there’s no one you can talk to. Nobody can help you and no one is asking how are you. Nobody remembers or it’s just…