IMG_9690 “Embrace the glorious messed that you are”

Probably her all time fave tagline. Though difficulties strike her most of the time. Still, she feels blessed and grateful, for everything that’s been happening to her life. A quiet simple woman at first but a jolly crazy person most of the time. A funny straightforward person, talkative and cries a lot.


She’s an ultimate dog lover. Loves to eat, sing, swim, play guitar, party & video games esp. SIMS.

An ultimate fan of  Gong Yoo #foreveryoo

Fan of Joong Ki, Wookie,  Maine, Alden, Gummyboo,  Shin Hye, Bo Young, Bruno Mars, Jessy J, Adelle, Mila K, Anne H, Chris E, Adam S, Kim So Hyun, James Reid, Marian, Bea A. & JLC.

Loves to take photos of everything under the sun, a social media addict, Kdrama addict.

She’s not your ordinary kind of girl, difficult to be with, pessimist and moody (most of the time). 

“Please excuse my grammar and all. I am not a professional blogger, nor a writer, not a poet or a photographer.  Love me or hate me, it doesn’t matter. But the life i live, I am the storyteller.”



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