The Sunday Currently Eight Days

I’ve had an Eight days roller coaster journey. And today marked the end of it. The feeling of agony is now crumbling inside my heart. I’m not prepared for this moment to end. But these memories had given me a lot of happiness and probably my most unforgettable experience here in Dubai. 

I wanted to write a blog about that adventure but I don’t think it would be a good idea. So I thought of just writing TSC for me to be able to breathe properly right now. I need to release everything today before the day ends.


The draft of “Until our Last Journey” – I started writing this poem since last month but I couldn’t find more inspiration to do so. Maybe because this could probably the last poem I will write for him. 

This TSC entry. I try to write this in the airport a while ago, but I can’t seem to focus because he started to talk, and I can’t say anything. I was speechless for the first time ever.


Hurt by Lany


At the ceiling. Talking to my self, one day you’ll look back to this moment and you will just smile and says, “I told you so…”


Of all the things that are happening. Big decisions, thoughts, reflections and the consequences of all the choices I made. I’ve been contemplating every single detail of my plans and hopefully one day I can proudly say to my self that you really tried your best. And wishing that I won’t have any regrets.


The chocolate cake I ate awhile ago.. chocolates.. chocolates… Just exactly what I needed today.


Sleepwear, a plain white big shirt, and a pajama.


A full body massage, complete hair care package and mani-pedi too. And oh a complete sleep. I haven’t had one complete bed rest since last Saturday.


The one that got away… char… Will definitely miss the old us. Will surely miss you.




That both of us could have genuine happiness, with or without each other.


My slow-motion videos, can’t wait to edit those and create a cinematic film. (Thank you for those vids, truly appreciate it.)


Lonely and sad. But I know I will get better every day and slowly have the peace of mind that I always wanted.


Thank you, G, for everything. Happy Father’s Day…

Thank you M, for the visit, I’m gonna miss you here.


For my parents and my whole family’s health. Praying for my Ate’s Steph successful operation soon.


A safe flight back home of Mcdo.

“I could be happy again, genuinely happy.. ” wishing this would come true. this again…. 😦

Happy Sunday, miloves!

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