My Deepest Confession

My Deepest Confession


For year’s that we’ve known each other.
We never truly had the right timing.
One day we talked, next was full of silence.
The wait always took so long yet the meeting happened very fast.
Seems like the world doesn’t want us to be together?
The time, distance, your acts, my thoughts, our past, our egos.
And neither of us allows that we could have forever…
However, whenever, our paths come together.
After ages of silence, we still found each other.
Laughing at our flaws, arguing different beliefs.
Accepting our differences, give trust and forgive.

Indeed you knew my hearts gateway.
Those moments we shared, my happiness every day.
The friendship we hold, the love we make.
The bonds we connect, I’ll treasure whatever it takes.
Thank you, my love, for all the affection.
Here I am, saying my deepest confession.

My mind & my body, my heart & my soul.
In this life, be willing to give you my all.
If God permits and time will follow.
Now and every day I wanted to let you know.
Tomorrow, today, a lifetime and even before.
I love you for all that you are and more.


To the inspiration of this poem. I hope you know that I will be forever grateful that you became part of my world. 

 Saengil chukhahae nae sarang..



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