The Sunday Currently Seven Fold

Sunday happiness. Yes, probably my best Sunday since I came back from vacation. Maybe because my mind and body are slowly adjusting to my Dubai life. And I really had a good night sleep and a wonderful weekend.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since my last TSC entry. That’s how busy I’ve been for the past ages. Feels like so long right. And now, since my boss just run away, thought of sharing my today’s happiness. So without further ado, here’s my “The Sunday Currently Seven Folds”


A while ago, a book of my ever loves Maine Mendoza’s “Yup, I am that Girl”. Receive it just yesterday, and I’m so freak’n happy.


trying to finish old poems and blog drafts.


These are my new favorites since I came back.






At my Task List for this month. I have loads of videos to edit, pictures to enhance and memories to back up.



How I’m gonna pull off that surprise party.


lemon.. lemon.. lemon.. on my water.


None! (joke!) Nothing too special, office wardrobe, that’s it.


Some water #azhventures. hahaha… I know I just came from vacation, but it’s summer, going to the beach is a must.


My parents & my baby love Trizhsa.

I miss LU and foods from Pinas.

I miss him.. so much… (yes u, that emoji)


to see his smile again.. to be with you always… #toocheesy


That sooner or later, questions will be answered. I don’t wanna spoil the moment, but the truth is important.


Our Kayak adventure last Friday at Hatta Kayak. The super wonderful scenery and awesome activity. Definitely deserves a separate blog for that experience.



Happy… I had such an amazing weekend with my family.

And then, I have someone so special that came back to my life.


For my parents and my whole family’s health.

For his health, peace of mind and happiness.


I wish for genuine happiness before. Now I have it.

I wish this for so long. I wish it will last.





Happy Sunday, miloves!

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