How do I unlove You?

Pain is an inevitable feeling we bear for love. We tend to endure every bit of affliction that shivers into our soul. Thus we still choose to hold and continue to fantasize. There will come a time when all we wanted is to forget. And all we needed is to be free from this agony. If we could only know, how?
How do I unlove you?
Tell me what should I do?
For It’s you I’m longing.
Still, I was holding.
I treasure what we have.
Coz I believe it was love.
Your heart I wanted to have.
Your my wish from above.
I just need you by my side.
Yet I knew that you lied.
Now I no longer mind.
You leaving me behind.
I know.. It wasn’t your fault.
I’m defeated by default.
I know.. We both fought.
I’m tired and distraught.
Things just happened this way.
Though I thought you could’ve stayed.
The last words I would’ve to say.
I hate you, go away…

“For what it’s worth, the reverse must be thought.”
 Saengil chukhahae nae sarang..

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