My Hardest Goodbye

Have you ever love somebody so much it makes you cry? The first line of my favorite song that reminds me of a tragic love story of Sunny “Yoo In-Na” & Grim Reaper “Lee Dong-Wook”. Whoever watch the drama Goblin: The Lonely & Great God will surely understand what I mean.
Being the second lead of the show, their story didn’t give as much attention as like Kim Shin & Eun Tak. But their romance really marked a lot of sad moments to the viewers. Memories that most of us can relate in real life.  The same stories, same feelings, same endings. Maybe that is why I can’t get over with the goodbye letter “Sunny” wrote for Grim Reaper. A sorrowful goodbye letter that breaks my heart every time I read it…
Here’s that heartbreaking scene that will surely convince you to watch the drama. I’ll put the link suggestion below, but before that, cry with me and watch this video. I cut some part because it will confuse those who don’t know the story yet.
 “Goblin: The Lonely & Great God: Episode 16 Finale”
I know mga bessmasakit diba? That feeling, that person, that love which gives you such happiness yet cause you so much pain. And despite the fact that you love that someone greatly, it’s just wasn’t enough for you to be together. All you can do is to walk away and try to forget the person that you really wanted to be with. Having no choice but to go and move further in your own separate lives. And wishing that somehow someday one of you could at least have a happy ending…
Link Suggestion:
Drama Cool – I strongly suggest this site. I have watched here hundred times but none of those have failed me.
Drama Love – though episodes take more time to load, at least they’re the first one to upload the Episode with subtitle…
Disclaimer: These sites are not anything related to me or to anyone I know. But just a suggestion to where I was watching. You can add your suggestion site/s in the comments so I can add it on my list. 
Kamsahamnida 🙂

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