Beautiful Life, Sorrowful Love “Goblin OST”

Kdramas has been trending these days and most of us Filipinas were so addicted to every episode. I myself was a certified addict. Mga bes, beshie, besh, bessy, besties wag ka ng mag kaila! Kaya mo to binabasa ngayon dahil pareho tayong addict. #wink


But every Kdrama Series won’t be complete without those OST’s that made the drama even more fascinating. Those catchy songs that captivate our hearts though we don’t really understand it’s meaning. Just the melody and the sounds could melt our hearts into seconds. Made us fall in love over and over again.
That’s what I felt when I first heard Beautiful by Crush, on Episode 1 of Goblin “The Lonely & Great God”. I’m sure besh, Ikaw din nahumaling diba. It was the first song played when Kim Shin “Gong Yoo” & Ji Eun Tak “Kim Go Eun” met in the drama. First episode palang bess, pero nakuha na agad nila ang puso ko. Ganun kalakas yung tama ko sa Goblin pati sa mga songs nila mga bess.  But before we go to the OST, try to watch this scene and hope it will decide you to watch the drama.
Kim Shin “Gong Yoo” & Ji Eun Tak “Kim Go Eun” First meeting in the drama series Goblin :The Lonely & Great God – Episode 1
Those who don’t watch it yet. You can watch the Episodes on the links below. A must see drama.. jinja…
Link Suggestion:
Drama Cool – I strongly suggest this site.. I have watched here hundred times but none of those have failed me.
Drama Love – though episodes take more time to load, at least they’re the first one to upload the Episode with subtitle..
Disclaimer: This sites are not anything related to me or to anyone I know. But just a suggestion to where I was watching. You can add your suggestion site/s on the comments so I can add it on my list. 
Though all of Goblin’s OST was so good, this song was my most favorite of all. A happy, sorrowful, hurtful love song that lingers in my thoughts and made me cry and smile every time I heard it. I’ve been waiting for the actual MV to release ever since the drama starts and I fall in love with it deeply more when I heard the whole song.
For those who did not see it yet, here’s the full video.
“Here’s the full MV of Beautiful by Crush”
What a beautiful sorrowful song, right. I research the meaning of this song, coz I really wanna understand every word of it. It was like a love at first site. I love it though I didn’t understand at all. Luckily found lyrics and translation online. Well, what else can’t you find on the internet?
“Here’s my own copy with the romanized lyrics. I actually made it my lock screen wallpaper and try to memorize it.” #LSS
My addiction to this song led me to write this blog diary to share everyone the meaning of every line, the affection of every word and the sorrow of every melody. I was in fact very glad that Eric Nam had an English version cover so that everyone could understand the beauty of this song.
Did I convince you to watch the series or not? Anyhow, thanks for reading and hope you had a great and Beautiful Life…
Kamsahamnida 🙂

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