The Sunday Currently Half-past Five

It’s Sunday the first day of the week but felt like it’s the end of a tiring week. Yes, it was indeed a really exhausting week for us because of packing our stuff and then moving to our new home and then unpacking again. Though I haven’t slept more than 4 hours last night, I should not forget my work responsibility (“charroooot! hahaha”).

Kidding aside, yes I ‘m at work now. It was half-past five when I finish those loads of documents I left last week. I needed a break to breathe and not think of work for a minute. So I thought why not write an entry for today‘s “The Sunday Currently”. Felt like I needed to shout all the thoughts that have been bothering me these days because of the things that I can’t control, “ugh, sighs!” 


My blog diaries drafts and lots of private pm’s in messenger.

My fifth entry for Sunday Currently, also some parts of my blog diaries, all about my Pinas vacation and Disneyland Hongkong adventure. I don’t know when I should finish each blog when I’m writing part by part from one blog to another. I get confused sometimes, hahaha.



A dove printed black long sleeve blouse and black soft pants. And oh, I’m also wearing a black suit because of the weather as cold as if I were in Baguio. It’s been raining for a week now that is not usual here in Dubai, “climate change it is?”


My favorite for this week was all about Pinoy music. Super LSS ako sa mga kantang to.. #proudpinoy


At my inspiration board, the reasons I strive harder and the source of my happiness.

“my inspiration board”


Of all the things that happen these past few days, sudden changes that can’t be controlled. It was so sad that we have to split into two houses but I really do hope things will get better sooner than expected.


Someone I can talk to about all the gloominess I am facing right now.


The old times, when I have someone I can be with every day and anytime I want to.


To be in a place where nobody knows me then I’ll do whatever I want. Not just for a day but for a long time. A month or a year will do.


I could fix things between my loved ones and that they will find forgiveness in their hearts. Hoping for a  year full of surprises, adventures, peace of mind and genuine happiness.


Our new home here in Al Barsha. Thank you, Lord, for this new blessing.

“My favorite part of the house, the balcony & my bed”


A little bit melancholy because of some personal issues. Loneliness and anxiety had been addictive these days, and I can’t help it but just feel it. There was a time when I don’t think of anything but feel empty inside. 


For our family to be happy, be united and love each other always. I’m also praying for my parents & whole fam’s health and my baby love Trizhsa.


Still wishing this -> “I could be happy again, genuinely happy.. ” wishing this would come true. “won’t change it till it happens!


St. Claire for the two wishes that were granted recently. Our new home that is minutes away from transportation, near from our office and is so close to everything you need. Such a nice place really. The second wish is a work for my brother and finally, he did it. Congrats, bro & good luck living in Abu Dhabi.

But of course, thank you, my Lord, for all the blessings, guidance and for loving my family every minute of every day.



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