Sunday Currently FOUR o’clock

It’s Sunday , here in the office, at exactly 4pm, I suddenly thought of writing. So I decided to do this entry for “Sunday Currently”. It’s been awhile since my last post and I really needed to write all that is running on my mind.

Yes, over thinking again.. That’s been my hobby since i came here in Dubai, paano ko nga ba lalabanan ang anxiety na ito.. I hope this could help a little.. #cheerupAzh


Since i just came back a week ago, my mails are flooded with lots of i dont know what it is. Pero need isa-isahin , last time i deleted an important mail about my billings kaya i have to be careful now.

My blog diaries, all about my vacation in Pinas. Super stressful i-kwento, all the happenings & tambays. Mas mahirap mag move on, lalong nakakamiss.


I have 2 faves since this new year. Sobrang LSS ako sa kantang to.



Pictures, pictures, pictures…  My camroll is so full of moments since Christmas , New Year, my Bday, my Disneyland Adventure and my vacation sa Pinas last month. Nakakaiyak makita yung maka pics lalo yung mga videos, but it gives me more courage and inspiration to work even harder para mas marami pa ko mapuntahan next uwi ko. #travel #yolo

“View of Taal Volcano in Batangas”

This one is my favorite at the moment. This breathtaking view of Taal Volcano shot taken when we are in Shercon Resort. Taking photos of the nature , clouds, sky just give me happiness i can’t explain, absolutely amazing.


Of the decision’s I need to reconsider. Why does it has to be this complicated “this line again”. And now even more complicated but I still ended up choosing the path i always choose. Maybe this is the right thing to do. Maybe this is meant to be.


Blue blouse, a jeans, coat.. Simple as that..


Someone who could understand me, choose me and will teach me to finally open my heart and trust again.


Someone I shouldn’t miss… Missing someone i miss…


To be in a place where nobody knows me then do whatever i want. Even just for a day.


We could find a more convenient location for our new home. I hope yung malapit sa transportation going to work and near sa malls or supermarket. Sana yung magandang view and hoping to have good neighbors din.


The video that my Bru “Jordan” made last month – about our (Wattaprens) Alibijahan Island and Laguna escapade. I’m planning to do my own version because some of my shoots are not included in this video. Medyo tinatamad pa , but will do it, soon..

“Alibijahan Island in Quezon & Private Resort in Pansol Laguna”


A bit gloomy since I came back from vacay. Had a lot of problems to fix , issues to overcome. I know all of what’s happening to me, is the result of the choices I made. And that’s okay, accepted and hopefully hindi ko pagsisihan.


I’m praying for a year full of surprises and adventure, genuinely happiness and peace of mind.

I’m also praying for my parents & whole fam’s health and my babylove Trizhsa.


“I could be happy again, genuinely happy.. ” wishing this would come true.


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