Legoland Dubai

This is not a blog review of the whole park because I wasnt able to ride all the attraction. However , I wanted to share the experience to everyone who’s interested.

Holidays are well spent with those people you love most and I am one of those people who’s so lucky to be able to spend these days with my family.

So as we celebrate 45th UAE National Day, me and my family decided to go to Legoland Dubai and see what happiness it offers. The entrance here is kinda pricey for someone who’s not a fan of amusement parks. You can check their rates at Dubai Parks – Legoland Dubai. Luckily Dubai Parks offer a Big Sale for the holidays at 45 aed only (wooaaaahhh). Who’s not gonna take it compare to the regular rate of 295 aed, right? I am a huge fan of amusement parks that’s why I couldn’t let that opportunity pass.

Legoland is inside the Dubai Parks & Resorts, it is the new is an integrated leisure and theme park destination of Dubai this 2016 where you can find 4 more different parks – The Riverland (free park) , Motiongate, Bollywood and Legoland Water Park. It is located along Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of Palm Jebel Ali. Sobrang laki nung park, you can’t just walk from one park to another. Possible lakarin pero super layo. Coming here by taxi is much better I think though there’s a huge free parking space pero malayo sa mismong entrance. You have to take the bus (which is provided by the park) from the parking area to the entrance. Kung hindi peak season it’s okay, but what if ganito kahaba ang pila at tirik ang araw.. #noway

Luckily hindi ganun kainit nung ngpunta kmi.

“While waiting for the bus, super haba ng pila but where lucky kase nauna na sila Ate Steph to save us space and hindi kami naunahan ng madaming tao.” #earlykami

The bus will drop you First stop is the River Land. This is the gateway of the Dubai Parks where you can tour without entrance. If you just want to dine, relax and have a different vibe from the city. This place is a must location, themed for the old soul and a really nice scenery for photo shoot.

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From here you’ll walk until you reach the Legoland park. And tadaaa, Welcome to Legoland Dubai…

This shot was so near to perfection, all of us are in the air while Myiesha “that little munchkins” jump a little sooner than us. But still the shot is even more special because it’s different from any other jump shots I had.

As we enter the premises there is one attraction that I really enjoyed. They called it “Mini Land” where you can find miniatures  of iconic landmarks in Dubai & UAE made up of millions of Lego bricks that is absolutely amazing.

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Legoland has a lot to offer specially for those who have kids. I’m sure they’ll love this place. Just like my nephew Mateo who really enjoy every moment of his rides.

“Mateo on Beetle Bounce”

We’re kinda afraid for him riding alone considering it’s his first time to ride on these kinds of attraction that is mostly for bigger kids but he seems okay with it, edi go. And as the ride starts to move, quickly he said “Oh my God!”, “Oh No”, we were like shock of his reaction and everyone is laughing

Another attraction that makes us laugh hard is the Rescue Academy, where you compete with other groups to a fire fighting experience. Mateo with her mom, dad & his tita aileen join and did really enjoy the fun. The mechanics are that everyone has its own task to do but “Aileen” seem to forget she is needed on the important part of the game.

“Rescue Academy experience of Mateo, Ate Steph , Kuya Mark & Aileen”

All attraction is perfect for kids and kids at heart. The only adult ride that I can suggest is the Dragon Coaster. Since this ride is not too extreme, they allow us to use my GoPro but only if you have safety headgear.

It really feels good watch these happy moments , surely one for the books.

It was indeed a happy day for me and my family. Holiday is just so amazing 🙂

Full video of our Legoland adventure , enjoy watching…

While these are some of our photos inside the park. click.. click.. click…



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