The Sunday Currently sTRÉSsful Week

It was really a long stressful week. There’s a lot of happenings these past few weeks and will try to blog it in detail. For the meantime, I want to finish this entry since my last one was 5 months ago.


The song lyric I wrote a month ago. I’m trying to improve it and thought of a melody.

my blog diaries, I can’t seem to finish one because whenever I remember some details I skip what I’m currently doing and add it to the other blogs.


The covers I tried out on Smule. My favorite this week was “A thousand years” I collab with AJ. I got a lot of followers lately and I can’t seem to figure out why. My voice is not that good but if you want to be annoyed follow me @aylabazhb02


Pictures, pictures, pictures… I have a lot that needs to be uploaded. I don’t know how to start since I only rest for a few days now.


Of the decision’s I need to reconsider. Why does it have to be this complicated?


chocolates.. chocolates..  my booster 🙂


Black dove printed long-sleeved with collar & high-rise jeans in washed stretch navy blue skinny, ankle-length legs.


My bed & sleep, I need to catch more sleep to regain my energy. It’s half of the year but I can’t remember how many times did I sleep well.


my baby love of course. and I miss him too… (the inspiration of my song)


to see his smile again.. #toocheesy


that I could know the answer to all the questions in my mind. or erase them might be a little helpful but how?


the melody I thought for my song, but I don’t know if the rhyming is right. I really wanted to know the perfect tune for that song. if only I am a musician… sighs….


happy since this morning even if I’m sleepy. I don’t know why, but I just found myself smiling time to time… #weirdo

//<p><a href=””>via GIPHY</a></p>


For my parents and my whole family’s health. Praying for my parent’s safe flight back home next week.


“I could be happy again, genuinely happy.. ” wishing this would come true.




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