14th Years of FRIENDSHIP

They say that friends are the family you choose for yourself. Their the one’s you treasure as one of your gems. People you don’t need to talk to every single day, weeks or years, but when you do, it’s as if you’d never stopped talking. People who will love and accept your flaws. Who laughs at your dumbest jokes and joins your crazy trips.


But more than the happiness, they are the one’s who can see the truth and pain in your eyes, even when you’re smiling. Lift you when you fall down, go along with you on your darkest days. Put up with each others worst moods, will cry with you and then laugh hard, until you cry and laugh again. Offer a kind gesture when stress but will be the first to snap you when your wrong. They’re the one’s who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but tells you what you need to hear. #sisigawankapa 

Proudly  speaking, I have found all of that gems.

“Wattaprens throwback pictures, #wattakaba”

I am very grateful to have these kind of friends. To whom I can be me all the time, the other side of me I guess. Our day will not be complete without laughing at each flaws till sundown, giggling and mumbling at any possible topic we wanted. Talk spontaneously as if there’s no tomorrow at all. My friends are the most impossible person you could imagine. Don’t mess up with them ‘coz they might eat you in a snap, literally yes, hahah. They can be very mean to anyone, to everyone rather, we are all bullies, bullies to the nth power. Sounds annoying right? I guess that’s the uniqueness of our group. Bullying each other every freaking time we want but at the end of the day, what we have is something worth keeping. Something you must treasure for life. Memories that is so memorable, surely one for the books.

But like as the others, not everyday is a happy one. We had fights, battles, confrontations, different problems. I guess that’s normal, coz we were young back then. There was a time that our group split into half. Someone left, and then another. Others look for new pal while some choose different paths. Yes, we became weak at times but we did surpass those what you called “friendship test”. It’s a long process but we’ve made it. And in every struggle we overcome, we become more mature and solid.


And then we’re back on track kulitan, okrayan, laklakan, laughing out loud till our heart burst, throwing all the meanest words to everyone. Crying to death because of happiness. We were like this for almost 19 years, misunderstanding strikes most of the time. But I wouldn’t trade it for any, i could bear 19 more years of that if sila ang kasama.

“random moments of wattaprens”

I have lots of friends, group of friends actually, but today is for my dearest WATTAPRENS. Happy Anniversary guys. I miss u all, I miss all our happenings, chitchat till morning, drinking session till we sober, I miss everything. Promise! I’ll make it up to you all when i get back home. Love yah bigtime..


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