That is what we always told when thinking of someone, who let us hold.

Maybe, someone, you knew in the past, and leave u behind just so fast.

Whose eyes whisper and you he called, or maybe that one who can take your loads.

He said will be there, every time you ask, but can’t be found till moon just pass.

That special person who helps you mold; but when you fall they became cold.

He can be someone loved by the mass, even though you know your just a task.

Someone you wish until you get old, or someone who loves u but can’t be bold.

Might be the one to complete your cast, but willing to be someone’s last.

So now is the time for u to unfold, and let nobody ruin your world.

Show what you got, unleash your mask, you are perfect not a trash.

Someone is there waiting on the road, not too late or maybe on board.

That one will give the whitest rose, to live forever and love you most.

I am not a professional poet, nor a writer. It just so happened i feel the need to write this today. A story of my past, present and future maybe 

# @aylabazhb02

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