The Grand Staycation

It’s really summer here in Dubai, even though the weather hasn’t been in its hottest, which is good for us here in UAE, many of my friends already post their swimming and vacations. Which is why I also wanted to share our first summer getaway this year? This one’s special because we’re complete.

Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa located in the heart of Dubai Marina. This 5 star hotel really defines the name, elegant, spacious and majestic, a grandeur place to stay with enchanting scenery of the Dubai’s World-famous Jumeirah Beach.

The hotel lobby was so lavish you couldn’t resist on taking snaps.

Because we’re a bit early than our check-in time, we’ve decided to start swimming on their outdoor pool. As we enter the pool area, I heard a loud music playing, got my phone and started to take a snaps, and then I saw a girl dancing on the poolside , I was like “why is she dancing?”


Wonder around and saw people in the pool following her steps, smiled and whispered, wow aqua zumba. I wanted to jump and join them because lately I’m attending zumba classes and love it. I quickly change for the proper swimwear but when I came back, tada, done already. Saddens me a little but when my sister ask me to take her ootd photo, makes me smile again and shoot, pictorial starts now. Yes I’m a bit bipolar, I know right.

“with Mama, Ate Tina & Ate Steph on our summer ootd”

I guess it was really a good time to swim that day, because the weather was not too hot and the breeze was not too cold. Water was warm and the pool was big and not crowded. While my family was enjoying to swim, I’m busy taking pictures of them. I really love to take photos specially when we had outing like this. #summerventurepictorial

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“Bolivar , Evangelista & Sy Family”

Everyone’s enjoying the water even this two little cuties. Proud tita here, because Mateo can be a really good swimmer someday, might be, who knows.

“Mateo practicing how to swim, Good job kuya!”

While this pretty munchkins might want to be a mermaid someday, hahah. She doesn’t want to get off the water the whole day.

“Myiesha enjoying the pool with her Lolo Edgar”

Swimming won’t be complete without pictorial. Emote, pose, smile, jump, swim, snap, pak, ganern, modelling. #pictorial

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“pictorial with Kuya Ghardy & Panget Lalang”

After lunch, the hotel reception update us that our room was ready. Me and my Ate Tina went first upstairs. The room was clean, elegant and cozy, has a beautiful beach scenery in the front window and the infinity pool at the side.

“epic reaction when I enter our hotel room”

While some of us rest for a while in the room, my sister and I decided to go try the infinity pool located at the center of the Two towers of Habtoor Grand. Our two boys join us after some time. We took a lot of pictures , I tried all the angle but can’t seem to get what shot i wanted. Kinda’ frustrating i know.

“Trying our luck to have a  perfect shot with Ate tina, Ghardy & Edison”

We don’t spend much time on the infinity pool because it’s almost sunset. And beach was the perfect place to saw that and at the same time take pictures. Yes that’s the catch, hahah.

at the Jumeirah Beach

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“wonderful pictures we have at the beach”

While we are busy taking jump shots, these two lovebirds wanted to make a scene. hahah!

Ate Steph and Kuya Mark

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Jump shots with Ghardy, Lalang and Mateo

We have a lot of pictures and  videos but i only share nice shots. But if you still want to see a bit more, don’t worry, i save the best for laughs. 🙂

“Here’s the full video of our habtoor grand experience, enjoy watching”

Spending happy time with family is the nicest, greatest feeling on earth. I thank you Lord for giving me this family. Not everyone can experience these things with complete one, i know, i’m super lucky.

Thanks G 🙂                                                                                                                                             #@aylabazhb02








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