It’s Been Two Years

Ever since college my mind was set that I would be going to Dubai once I graduated, but things change after the graduation, I receive a job offer and then everything just turned out well. Until one day, I just woke up and told my sister, I wanted to go to Dubai. And then the rest is history.

It was Friday afternoon, 28th of March 2014, as I wave goodbye to my mom & dad at the airport, I ask myself, am I ready leaving my country, my friends, my love ones, my comfort zone? Is it worth the sacrifice? Am I prepared for the battle? Is it really enough that I was just wondering what would be my life in UAE? I know most OFW feel and think the same way especially those they called first timers.

  “My flight ticket last 28th of March 2014,  memories to keep”

I was nervous when I entered the plane because it was my first time, yes my first flight ever. And people looking at me because I was late to board, not because I’m late really but because I spend too much time on immigration. They were a bit strict that time; I remember the girl before me didn’t pass the interview process even though she has a lot of documents to prove her identity. It was my turn and the officer is looking for my sister’s birth certificate, I was so hasty not to check those papers I have, apparently my sister forgot to attach it on my visa and other documents needed to prove that we are siblings. And that she can support me financially for three months. I also don’t have pictures with her on my mobile because I decided to format my phone and save it on my cloud drive. Luckily my dad has a video of us together but not on the same frame really, I was shocked that the officer stamps my papers and smiled at me and said, “Have a safe flight Ma’am and good luck”. I was liked, really now? What’s happening? That’s so unbelievable after what I saw a while ago. Still in shocked but I told to myself, maybe this was for me. Maybe?

That night on the same day I landed on Dubai Terminal 1 airport, I was amazed by the people I see. Different colors, different faces and races. I heard different languages and voices all over the place. I was looking for my sisters when I saw them having selfie sitting pretty on Starbucks. And then this…


“My first pictures in Dubai, can you imagine how fat i was back then ”

I was so happy to see them again after years. They were one of the reasons why I decided to leave the Philippines. I was lucky enough to have family members here unlike most overseas workers who left their country alone. I know it was really hard.

Being out of your comfort zone needs a lot of energy, motivation and inspiration. It takes a lot of courage to work abroad and it’s not that easy. You have to be flexible and versatile.  I personally don’t force my friends back home to go and work abroad if they are not 101% sure. Not because I don’t want them to grow but because I know it was hard. Living and working overseas creates a different atmosphere that sometimes makes us feel sad and lonely.  Even I have family here, I still feel the urge to go back home sometimes when stress and depress attacks me.

I remember my first month here, I wrote a bucket list consisting of the things I want to do and experience in this country for me to be able to cope up easily with the environment “kinda pampalibang”. But at the same time add inspiration and motivation for me to achieve all my goals.

<Bucketlist photo >

Feels so good when you finish those little short term goals, ayt?

In my two years here in UAE, I am lucky enough to experience the beauty and life here in Dubai. Been to different places and got the chance to meet different kinds of people. Not everyday is okay, not every time – everything is fine, but what these experiences thought me , is to never give up no matter what. Because there will always be hope the next day and the next day until you can finally say I’M HAPPY &  I’M BLESSED.

Thanks G 🙂                                                                                                                                             @aylabazhb02




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