Finally We Meet

This blog was supposed to be published last Jan.8, 2016 , the day after i met him “Richard Faulkerson Jr.” aka Alden Richards up close and personal. It was indeed an unforgettable experience. Months and weeks of preparation was all worth it. And because i met him again last week, the excitement to share the experience all came back to me. But before that, will update and post this first. Two months in the making hope you like it.

We booked at the hotel where Alden & his team stayed. All excited to prepare the Iron-man themed party. #KidsAtHeart

   “random pictures of team exclusive”

While waiting for RJ, someone says “baka mag KS pa siya”, and then this….

  “feels so much kilig watching Kalye Serye while waiting for Alden and knowing he’s just two floors away talking to Divina “Maine” on the phone”

After KS everyone goes back to their respective places, smiling and very excited coz we knew any moment from then Alden will come. We were like watching a comedy-thriller movie, ugh, the feels.

And then, the doorbell rang…

At Exactly 10:53 of Jan.7, 2016, Leysam, Mama Ten & RJ joins us to celebrate our Post Bday Celebration of Alden here in UAE. He was surprised and very happy. He genuinely smiles and look to everyone as we sings “Happy Birthday” to him. And oh btw, he choose first to blow the cake in front of Maine #kiligmats

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He even told us his experience in Dubai , esp. in Desert Safari that we all laugh at because of his revelation (for our EARS only nlng po muna). The way he talked to us feels like we are not just a fan but a friend to him. Before taking our selfies, Mau handed him the gift from our team, a blessed & personalized gold coin for him & Meng. He says “wow personalized, magkano to?” All laugh in chorus, SECRET”.


“Please accept our gift as our simple way of saying THANK YOU for being part of our lives. We thank you for being our inspiration and happiness. You are as precious as this GOLD COIN to us. “Habang tumatagal, lalong minamahal.” Kindly keep this Gold Coin in your wallet, and as a promise we will keep you in our HEARTS FOREVER. We will always be here to support you from this side of the world.”

– Aldub Maiden ME , Aldenatics UAE & Mainenatics UAE

I must say that our group was calm and organize, we even had the numbering system for the selfies, so that everyone could have the chance to have a little  moment with him. He is so sweet and very attentive,  talks to whoever is beside him. He even punch jokes from time to time and asked  random questions.

Everyone was so happy, giggling and mumbling, and then it’s my turn for “alden & me time” i was like okay azh, relax..

I cannot imagine how happy I am in this video. I was beside him and he’s greeting me a Happy Birthday (and yes we have the same birthday) plus saying ALDUB U twice, feels like my year was already complete though it’s just the first week of 2016. That experience was fun, full of excitement, I feel like there’s butterflies in my stomach. Alden was so sweet and he’ll be the first one to put his arms on your shoulder. He’ll make sure you feel comfy beside him; you will be at ease and feels like his your longtime friend that you missed each other’s company. Thank you is not even enough to repay him for the happiness he built in our hearts. I would never ever forget this day, and looking forward to experience a moment like these with Maine and with both of them.

Last but not the least, the founder, our leader, our Kap Mau. The reason behind all of this. Thank you so much Riya, for everything. I will never forget all your efforts, all the things you taught me, all our happy memories. I will never get tired to be your friend (khit mapagod ka pa). I will always be at your side and you can always have my back. Will love you always.

After all our selfies he say’s “oh ako naman pa-picture sa inyong lahat.”

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Alden was so nice to give us enough time to celebrate his birthday considering he still have rehearsals right after, but you will not see and feel like he was in a hurry. He spare some of his time to gives us video greetings, to do chitchat while signing our magazines, cd’s , pictures , etc. He even pause and listen carefully while Momi Angie plays guitar and sang her original composition for Aldub entitled “Mahal Kita, Alam ko na”.

Had the chance to get some snap. #AchievementUnlocked

Full video on the link below.

Alden left our room but the memory remains in our hearts.

“after our Exclusive Bday Bash / Meet & Greet with Alden Richards” craziness comes out of the closet 😂😍

Being a fan is never easy, challenging and sometimes tiring; but when your idol gives you TIME & HAPPINESS on his busy schedule, he’s WORTHY enough to get my FULL LOVE & SUPPORT no matter what. Thanks again Tisoy for spreading your love.

PS: Special Thanks to these people who made the Bday Bash possible.

Mau Mauricio, Nate Gonzaga, Mama Ten Mendoza, Leysam Sanciangco and Team Exclusive.

# @aylabazhb02 @aldub_me @aldenatics_uae

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