The Sunday Currently SECONDary Month

February, the second month of the year, the shortest month and the so-called “LOVE” month. The second February that I am single (not to mention my younger years). But I’m not going to blog this topic, not for now. Just wanted to share the insights of a single woman in a Feb-ibig month, hoping you’d like this entry.
– I started this last week on fourteenth so you may have noticed some feels like valentine’s day. Since it’s still Feb so I decided to just finish this.

my drafts… drafts.. excerpt.. mails.. pm’s…

a lot, can’t seem to finish my other blogs, needed some more inspiration, I don’t think so.

my own covers and collabs on smule. I created & bought the app for almost a year but only yesterday that I got the chance to sing and record.


 “feel free to follow me if you want to be annoyed 😂”


pictures on my camroll. I have lots that need to be up. but these photos was my favorite. I’m loving sky recently. it amazes me all the time 🙂
“taken last Wednesday, foggy morning in Dubai, I came to the office and so happy to have seen such a wonder that feels & looks like heaven”
of things to be done for next month. planning.. planning.. planning…
pink chiffon mist spilled on my desk. yeesh.
my black patterned blouse & comfy leggings.
more sleep, my weekend is so short. I’m still not used to work on Sundays tho.
awww, I super miss my baby love Trizhsa, she’s a girl Shih-Tzu left in the Philippines.
I will never get tired of missing her.
to travel alone this year, Maldives or Rome #BucketList
this video I made this week, i feel so beautiful. haha.. love yourself like Justin B. said.

“Please bear with me guys, I’m new in this industry #ArtistaProblems hahaha!
All my /our plans next month will succeed.#concert #charity #meet&greet #farewell
a little sad, or maybe I just miss having someone on valentine’s day #HowToBeSingle
For the family of my fellow OFW in POLO OWWA.
For my parent’s health.
to find my true happiness… it’s been awhile since my last, so I think I’m ready to meet my forever.
the skip button so I could listen to another song from my playlist.
Hope you guys enjoy the week! Read, Blog & Join the TSC world on Sunday Currently on Siddathornton.

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