The Sunday Currently ONEmotional Day

It’s been a while since I last wrote blogs, maybe I’m not really into it because it’s hard for me to explain myself in writing than talking. But today seems different one, I seldom talk, feel sad and emotional. Which I didn’t know why? So I decided to give this a try since, I already wanted to do this before, I just don’t know what to write.  And seeing a random post about Sunday Currently caught my attention so here’s mine.

Random post about Sunday Currently on Siddathornton. I saw this first on Mengs’ blog (girl crush & inspiration).

My very first Sunday Currently Vol.1, I hope I like what I write.. doubts, yeh.

I Think God Can Explain by Splender this song adds more questions on my mind but oftentimes make me calm.
The view of the beach at the back of our office. it’s really relaxing tho it makes me want to go there and walk barefoot on the sand and just gaze in the water.
Of things, I need to fulfill before the year ends. yeh, new years coming but I don’t feel excited.?
Mint on my afternoon tea
Red stripes knitted blouse and my all time fave black leggings I feel so comfortable in these than pants, really yes, plus a long black coat to cover me from the cold weather.
My bed & sleep, I really don’t feel well today.
awww, I super miss my baby love Trizhsa, she’s a girl Shih-Tzu left in the Philippines, maybe one of the reasons why I’m sad because I forgot her bday last week 😦 guilty Mimi.
To have a vacation in my home country but can’t be. #ofwproblems
The sunset view on my window, yes its sunset but I’m still not finished on my blog. With that beautiful sky every day, I can always say God is looking at me beautifully.
All WATTAPRENS be safe & happy today. Surely their drinking lots now because it’s our groups 18 years anniversary, sadly I can’t come and celebrate with them.
Sad & emotional but not really sure why? maybe because I have lots to do but I can’t, I just can’t.
For my parents and whole families health.
I could be happy again, genuinely happy.
My camera roll trying to find a suitable photo for this post.

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